Kidney conditions, diabetes complications, nutrition and physical status, drug tests, anticuagulation, ovulation and pregnancy, security and emergency response, viral, bacterial and parasite infections, etc.

Beverage testing, dairy testing, acidity, alcohol content, toxins, contaminants, allergens, bacterial and fungal contamination, aquaculture, antibiotic persistence, veterinary health check, etc.

Plant sanitation, gases detection, chemical hazards, chemical types, sterility testing, plant safety, product contamination, product quality, toxicology, etc.

Drinking water, afluents contamination, dissolved gases, soil microorganism pathoghens and nutrients, air pollution, etc.

We have packed our core technology to solve one of the most pressing problems on human reproduction, help getting pregnant at later ages in life. Visit the Pearl Fertlity website to know more.

Remote lab-in-your-pocket diagnostics and testing, pandemics monitoring and population screening for common disseases, infections, and chronic health conditions.


At COLORIMETRIX we digitise analogue colorimetric tests. How do we do this? We can turn any smartphone into a portable spectrophotometer by using its camera and a mathematical algorithm. This way we read and interpret concentration values of the substances we measure on any colorimetric test (strips, dipsticks, lateral-flow tests, microplates, solution based assays).

Our technology’s advantage:

  • No hardware needed
  • Works on any high-end smartphone
  • Easy to use
  • Test results available in real time
  • Comparable accuracy to commercial readers
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Immediate access to the cloud
  • Analytics, trends, insights on the measurements


This technology can have a big impact on the performance of rapid medical diagnostics on the ground throughout the world [...] making medical examinations accessible in remote and underprivileged areas.

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  • Colorimetrix wins place to pitch at InfoShare by EIT Digital Idea Challenge
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By quickly getting medical data from the field to doctors or centralised laboratories, it may help slow or limit the spread of pandemics.


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